Drempt is a blog about art and fashion through the lens of my dream self. Every post takes a specific dream I've had as a seed of inspiration.

For years I’ve kept a dream log, and I’ve always found the intricate, tangled relationship between dreams and waking life fascinating. Wisps of dreamland constantly find their way into my creative pursuits, so it occurred to me-why not bring the unconscious and conscious closer together? Eventually it occurred to me what this blog could be: an opportunity for me to create through the lens of my dream self, whether with music, photography, art, or design. With Drempt, I’m attempting to make my dreams a more tangible influence on my waking life. Our dreams can offer us cryptic perspectives and show us worlds that exist only to ourselves, and I think that’s what draws me to them. Akira Kurosawa is credited as saying “Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” I suppose I’m hoping to tap into that genius.

CONTACT: lauren@drem.pt