Magic Bonsai

I’m admiring a group of bonsai that have been grown with magic, so of course they have their own magic as a result.

I wonder how I can learn to grow them.

They’re so beautiful, but I’m daunted by the thought.

Shouldn’t I stick to orchids?


Celine white boots


Tokyo bonsai museum Shunkaen


irene cream dress


shunkaen bonsai museum tokyo


drempt bonsai


shunkaen bonsai koi


I found the magical trees of my dream way out on the east side of Tokyo. Shunkaen had sat on my list of places to visit, and when I finally made the trek out to see it, it certainly did not disappoint. Nestled in an unassuming residential neighborhood, far from a train station, I discovered a tiny wonderland filled with priceless, ancient works of living art. Thousand year old trees that took your breath away, rows and rows of perfectly imperfect beings beyond comprehension. What a treat to watch the workers carefully clipping away, to marvel at the largest koi I’ve ever seen, to share a humble handmade lunch with the staff.


We wound our way through the stands of trees, through empty tatami rooms, feeling a bit like we were wandering around someone’s house, which we were. “See you next time” the energetic ojisan called to us as we bowed and traipsed back out into the street, head and heart rustling and creaking with the energy only trees can give you. Magical trees indeed.


Irene dress and pants / Celine shoes



Perfume Shopping

Perfume shopping.

Do I want a new perfume? I really can’t decide.

Can I even smell in my dreams?

Byredo Kabuki Perfume


silk haori


Byredo Gypsy Water


Byredo Kabuki brush perfume



Byredo Gypsy Water Drempt



Drempt Byredo Gypsy Water


For years I hated perfume, until I discovered the stranger scents. One bottle of Serge Lutens was all it took to get me hooked. And Byredo! What can I say about Byredo that hasn’t been said? Around the time I had this perfumed dream, Byredo released their new Kabuki brush-on perfumes. It was a sign, or maybe it was just an excuse, but off I went to get myself one. Byredo was nowhere to be found in the perfume section of Isetan and I was panicking a bit, but it turns out they just keep it all in the men’s section! Except for the new Kabukis, which were hidden in a random corner on some other floor. I had quite the adventure accosting half the employees in both buildings to find my prize. But somehow it seems right that by Japanese standards, I wear only men’s perfume (cologne?).


In this dream:


Art Gala

We’re at some kind of gala art opening event.

Our friends are there, and everyone is milling about and having a great time,

but I don’t really want to hang out so I’m hiding outside by myself.











vintage dress / custom multicolor sapphire parure / custom yellow diamond ring / Chanel shoes


The Shot

I’m framing my shot, which seems to be taking an eternity.



Regina Pyo Marta blouse








Fun fact: Japanese wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) vines wind counterclockwise, while Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) vines wind clockwise.

Rejina Pyo blouse / Tome silk pants / Ancient Greek Sandals / The Row sunglasses