Autumn Mosses – Kyoto Fall Colors

In my dream I’m hoarding pots of mosses and all kinds of plants aflame with autumn color.


Kyoto autumn leaves



Moss Kyoto



Kyoto autumn leaves



Kyoto autumn moss leaves



Kyoto autumn colors






Kyoto autumn mosses



Kyoto garden autumn colors



Kyoto temple



Kyoto garden fall colors


Though I dislike crowds, I knew I had to risk it to see the fall colors in Kyoto. I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for my first autumn in Japan, and now that I’ve gotten a taste for it I’m hooked. You don’t have to smoke plants to get high off them, let me tell you. I could probably look at an infinite amount of beautiful fall-colored trees. I certainly understand, but don’t quite ascribe to, the intense obsession with cherry blossom season here, but the sight of one nice maple sends me into an excited frenzy. Combine fall leaves with a particularly cute patch of moss nearby, and I’m basically melting with happiness.

I probably always loved moss, but it was a 7th grade school trip to the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington that really cemented my obsession. With mosses, lichens, and liverworts everywhere you turned and a knowledgeable guide who was more than happy to teach me, I practically crawled my way through the forest learning about stairstep moss (Hylocomium splendens), sphagnum, liverworts, lettuce lichen (Lobaria oregana), and any other plant I could get the name of. Japan is, of course, a dream land for a bryophyte lover like me, with an abundance of colonies growing seemingly everywhere.

Even if you’re not specifically interested in mosses, I do recommend reading Robin Wall Kimmerer’s poignant and informative book of personal essays about moss. Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses is one of those books that seemed to be written just for me, but anyone with an interest in nature, science, Native American history, or the environment will find this a quick but extremely satisfying read. And you may very well grow to love mosses as much as I do.


The Shot

I’m framing my shot, which seems to be taking an eternity.



Regina Pyo Marta blouse








Fun fact: Japanese wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) vines wind counterclockwise, while Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) vines wind clockwise.

Rejina Pyo blouse / Tome silk pants / Ancient Greek Sandals / The Row sunglasses



Off to the Garage Sale

K comes into the house toting all kinds of cool stuff she picked up at some neighborhood garage sale.
I decide to go out and look, going around the back of the house to find the grassy trail that leads down the hill. Once I get there, though, the sale’s been totally picked over.


Play Comme des Garcons sneakers


Play Comme des Garcons sneakers


Everlane linen top

Recently it feels like my whole life revolves around shopping, and not in a good way. It turns out trying to build a new life in a new country while also acquiring as few things as possible is difficult! So I’m not surprised, if also not amused, by the wave of frustrated-shopping-experiences dreams these last few months. And if someone knows where I can find a really beautiful coffee table in Tokyo please let me know. Har.

Everlane top / vintage denim shirt / Tu Es Mon Tresor jeans / Play Converse sneakers



My Piece of Cake

I’m looking for a place to eat my piece of cake.
After setting off down the road, I eventually get a ride from Mr. Carson. Yes, the butler from Downton Abbey.
Finally I find the grounds of an abandoned house where I can eat in peace.


Ellery Buttercup Cropped Top


Ellery Skirt Black


Ellery Cropped Top Buttercup


Ellery top & skirt / Stylenanda top / Celine shoes



The world is moving in slow motion, looping and looping, an endless molasses Shepard tone. Am I asleep?










Mythical Beasts

On an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I’m on the hunt for a mythical beast. It turns out it’s not vicious at all.
















Golden Field

Outside in a golden field you can find the puzzle panels.

Solve them for rewards and power ups.










Modern Art

We’re going around looking at the modern art. We’re trying to take pictures but we don’t really know why.


modern art


agnes martin


alexander wang resort striped skirt


modern art


modern art alexander calder


Scaling Cliffs

Scaling cliffs in a sandy wasteland world.

One cliff leads to an expansive plateau but other cliffs seem to lead nowhere.

The silence is odd, as if I’ve turned off the sound in the world.






haider ackermann






pigeon houses


haider ackermann


rose valley cappadocia

Haider Ackermann top / Rick Owens skirt



Alexander Wang dress


Yohji Yamamoto shirt




Givenchy boots


Alexander Wang dress


devil's slide

We’re driving around the rocky wilderness. We get out of the car to explore along the rocks.
We’re crossing whole states in our wandering, traversing an unreal distance in a short amount of time.

Alexander Wang dress / Yohji Yamamoto shirt / Asos pants / Givenchy boots / The Row sunglasses